If you are in the process of purchasing a new home and have finally made an offer, there are a few steps to take before you close on the property. As a homebuyer, you have probably looked at countless homes and learned more about what you like and don’t like. However, it is important to hire an impartial third-party who has the training and experience to assess the condition of the entire home. Learn about why homebuyers need a home inspection from a professional home inspector.

1. Homebuyers Need Home Inspections for Financial Protection

The biggest reason why homebuyers need a home inspection is financial protection. Without a home inspection, a homebuyer may unknowingly purchase a home that needs thousands of dollars in repairs. Staging and curb appeal can make a home appear to be a better investment than it really is once you know the true condition.

Homebuyers often choose to proceed with the deal even after issues are discovered in the home inspection, but at least this way they have the opportunity to address problems with the seller in negotiations or budget for them in advance.

2. Being Part of the Process

Once you sign the closing papers, the property is yours to maintain and upgrade. Being part of the inspection process should be a high priority. Homebuyers need a home inspection to decide if the home is a good investment and to understand the home’s maintenance needs. Plan to be there for your home inspection and ask the home inspector questions to get the most out of your inspection.

3. Homebuyers Need a Home Inspection From an Unbiased Third Party

Homebuyers need a home inspection because it’s an unbiased assessment of the property that’s based on concrete facts. Buying a new home is an emotional endeavor, and these emotions can sway you from making a logical decision. The inspector acts as a neutral party. He or she will objectively evaluate the systems and components of the house with a trained eye and specialized tools.

4. Use the Inspection Report When Negotiating

Price negotiations happen during many real estate transactions. A home inspection may bring certain items to the table that cause the buyer to revisit the initial offer. Your real estate agent has the skills to negotiate with the seller so that the deal is fair for both parties.

5. Initiates Treatment Plans

No property is perfect. There will be some flaws that must be addressed. Home inspections might bring light to needed treatments, such as mold removal, radon mitigation, or termite control. In some cases, it’s appropriate for homebuyers to ask for the sellers to pay for the treatment or negotiate the price based on the costs. Having an issue taken care of sooner than later is always beneficial.

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